All Saints Primary School, Liverpool

Secure Building Solutions successfully completed the fitout of kindergarten classrooms for All Saints Primary School, Liverpool. This project encompassed various elements to create a vibrant leaning environment for the young students of the school. The project included the construction of 3 new General Learning Areas, (GLA’s) designed specifically for kindergarten students.

The GLA’s were thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of young learners, providing age-appropriate facilities and amenities. To enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the kindergarten classrooms, external landscaping was incorporated into the project. SBS managed subcontractors and specific design elements to deliver the outdoor space surrounding the classroom. This included the installation of soft fall surfaces to ensure a safe and cushioned play area for the children.

The end result of the project reflects Secure Building Solutions ‘dedication to delivering high quality construction projects tailored to the unique requirements of educational facilities.

Sydney Catholic Schools
JDH Architects
Project Value
Completed, January 2019

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