Clancy Catholic College, West Hoxton.

The construction of the sprawling 6000m2 artificial sports field, which encompassed carious features such as new handball courts, a running track & a soccer field was a significant project undertaken by the team. Additionally, the project included the installation of shade sails and ball netting for enhanced usability and safety. 

Special attention was given to the sites drainage, with close collaboration between Secure Building Solutions and the stormwater engineer to ensure optimal drainage results for the client. This high-quality facility is the result of careful planning and coordination between the project team and our preferred sub-contractors. Drainage considerations are crucial for any sports field construction, as they impact the fields performance, longevity and usability. Secure Building Solutions recognized the importance of effective drainage and implemented measure to address this aspect in consultation with the clients’ consultants.

A special feature of this project was the extensive use of flow cell below the turf which worked in tandem with the proposed stormwater system comprising of agg lines, pits & free flowing drainage. The use of this product greatly assisted the large area mass to deal with the high amount of stormwater which the site would be subjected to. The flow cell also assisted in achieving the “Fall from Height” goals which were required in a school environment.

Clear and open communication was used throughout this project to achieve results in a timely fashion which guaranteed that the project would run smoothly with no delays. On completion the region experienced sustained & heavy rains, the site drained perfectly and retained most of its sand, ensuring the longevity of the turf. These results are a testament to the project management team and their buildability approach to achieve the best possible results for the clients and consultants

Sydney Catholic Schools
Morson Group
Project Value
Completed March, 2021

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