Eilleen O’Connor, Lewisham

Secure Building Solutions undertook landscaping alterations and additions to the schools front administration / reception area and St Thomas of Canterbury Church, a historical structure dating back to 1851. Given the unique circumstances of the project, as the area once served as a cemetery for the church and the graves still remain onsite, SBS worked closely with an archeologist to ensure respectful and responsible completion of the works.

The landscaping design aimed to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the front of the school and its reception area. However due to the historical significance of the site and the presence of graves & the live context of the area being the main entry to the school.

Secure Building Solutions collaborated closely with an archeologist throughout the project to ensure the preservation of the cemetery area and to mitigate any potential disturbance to the graves. The archeologist provided expert guidance and technical expertise, advising on appropriate measure to be taken during the landscapes.

SBS meticulously planned and executed the landscaping alterations and additions while adhering to the recommendations provided by the archeologist. This involved careful site preparation, implementation of protective measures, and employing construction techniques that minimized the impact on the cemetery area.

The project team demonstrated a high level of adaptability and flexibility. They were responsive to the evolving needs of the school and made adjustments to their construction activities accordingly. This included coordinating construction activities around school events, minimizing noise when required & ensuring the availability of essential amenities for the staff and students.

Overall, SBS’s proactive attitude and well experience team executed the project swiftly and carefully to ensure that site challenges were overcome with quality works completed to the architect & client’s satisfaction.

Eilleen O’Connor, Lewisham
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