Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Menai

The construction of a new sports field comprised of new athletics running track, three junior soccer fields and multi-purpose sports field was another sportsfield type project that the experienced team delivered. The design of the field was multi-purpose in its intent to include a variety of different sports such as cricket, tee ball and soccer. 

A special feature of this project was the multilevel Modwood timber decking. The elaborate design of the timber deck with its multi-level tiers which tiered in with existing levels which the site provided. This presented a challenge for the project team in regards to its unique shape and surrounding area. It was essential that the construction of the deck did not disrupt the surrounding nature. An eye for detail was required when building the deck around the trees. 

A key objective for this job was to improve the stormwater drainage. The school is located in a flood zone area that had major stormwater issues, which resulted in the previous sports field not being used to its full capacity. Secure Building Solutions, together with the architect and stormwater consultants performed extensive stormwater works to mitigate this issue. The new stormwater system provides faster drainage, which in turn allows students to use the field more frequently, compared to before where they had to wait weeks to allow the sports field to drain out during the rainy season. 

Secure Building solutions provided a number of benefits to the project including perfect management of safety, offering cost savings to the client throughout the project and  providing ongoing weekly reports and program updates to the school and client team.

Overall, the successful completion of this project by the project team resulted in an improved environment that allows the new sports facilities to be used to its full capabilities by providing effective stormwater management. The projects successful outcomes contribute to enhancing the overall experience and functionality of the site, benefiting the students of the school.

Sydney Catholic Schools
Project Value
Completed 2020

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