Marist College, Woolwich

The refurbishment of the project began with a detailed assessment of the building condition and its current requirements. Interior upgrades focused primarily on functional and visually appealing features within the space. Space utilization, lighting, acoustics & ergonomic design elements were incorporated into the final product to optimize the learning experience of the classroom for the students.

Although the refurbishment was restricted to one classroom, the renovations carried out on the space were completed during the school holidays extending into the school term to ensure minimal disruption to the school’s staff & students.

The project team maintained a clean and organized work environment, ensuring that construction materials and equipment were stored safely and inconspicuously. Regular site inspections, PCG meetings and project updates were sent through to all project stakeholders which ultimately meant that the client knew about the current progress of the project at any given time.

Sydney Catholic Schools
JDH Architects
Project Value
Completed, 2020

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