Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Primary School – Administration Building

Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Waterloo 

Secure Building Solutions undertook a comprehensive fit out project for the administration building and existing parish hall, which were originally constructed around 1920. The project encompassed various elements, including the creation of new offices, a staff room/kitchen, a reception area, a sick bay/meeting room, as well as landscaping works. To ensure the preservation of the historical integrity of the building, Secure Building Solutions engaged a heritage consultant who provided valuable technical advice throughout the construction phase

The fit out of the admin building and parish hall required careful planning and attention to detail due to the historical significance. Secure Building Solutions collaborated closely with the heritage consultant to ensure that all construction activities aligned with the stakeholders ‘requirements while preserving the buildings unique heritage features.

The construction of new offices, staff rooms/kitchen, reception area & sick bay/meeting room involved incorporating modern functionality & design elements while respecting the historical context. The heritage consultant played a crucial role in advising on suitable materials, construction methods, and techniques to ensure that the end product maintained the buildings’ historical character and met the stakeholders; specific needs.

With a knowledgeable & well experienced team, Secure Building Solutions were able to overcome many design challenges imposed by such an old structure. These works were carried out in a way which seemed almost seamless to the client & project stakeholders. Overall, all the desired outcomes of this project were achieved with a handover achieved for the client ahead of schedule ready for the ribbon cutting grand opening day for the school.

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Completed November 2022

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