St Anthony’s Primary School, Marsfield

This internal refurbishment included the installation of new flooring, lighting fixtures & ceiling treatments to create a fresh & inviting atmosphere for staff and students. Secure Building Solutions focused on optimizing the layout and functionality of the classrooms with close collaboration with JDH architects to ensure that the clients brief was met and that expectations were achieved for the project.

The completion of the classroom renovation marked a significant improvement in the overall learning environment for the school. The renovated classrooms now provide a welcoming and functional space that promotes student collaboration, creativity and academic success.

These works were completed in the middle of the school, during term with no disruption to the normal operation of the school and its activities. It was due to Secure Building Solutions careful planning, effective project management strategies and strategic subcontractor selection which played a crucial role in mitigating potential disruptions and creating a seamless construction process.

Sydney Catholic Schools
JDH Architects
Project Value
Completed 2019.

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