St John XXIII Catholic College, Library Refurbishment

Described as “remarkable”, the library fit out completed for St John XXIII Catholic College created a modern and innovative learning space within the schools’ grounds. The project seamlessly unfolded during the school term without causing any disruption to the school’s normal operation, showcasing exactly what Secure Building Solutions is all about – exceptional planning, coordination & execution of construction activities without the client knowing that anything had even happened.

Secure Building Solutions worked with their close subcontractor team to overcome design challenges across a number of trades including, electrical, carpentry, glazing & joinery to ensure that the design intent of the architect was achieved. Contemporary Joinery was skillfully incorporated in the library providing a unique & functional learning space with storage solutions which benefited the end user and showcased the architect’s attention to delivering on the school’s goals.

The library design incorporated natural elements such as plants and biophilic design features, to create a soothing and inspiring ambience for both senior students and primary students to enjoy. These natural elements not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the library but also contributed to a healthier and more engaging learning environment.

The success of the team in managing such a large project in the middle of alive environment and mitigating any disruption to the school showcased their commitment to client satisfaction and their ability to deliver construction projects with minimal impact on the daily operations of educations institutions across Sydney. 

Parramatta Catholic Schools
Leaf Architecture
Project Value
Completed July, 2022

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