St Mary’s Community Centre

Secure Building Solutions successfully completed a range of works at the St Marys Community Centre, which encompassed multiple areas and aspects of the facility. The project involved the supply & installation of two kitchens, two function halls, a dozen bathroom wet areas as well as structural upgrades & external façade enhancements.

The construction of the 2 kitchens aimed to provide functional and well-equipped spaces for food preparation and catering purposes. These kitchens were carefully designed to meet the specific needs of the community center, incorporating modern appliances, ample storage& efficient design to ensure that design criteria were met for a re-heat kitchen and a commercial kitchen.

The construction of the 2 function halls was another significant aspect of the project, these versatile spaces will be able to accommodate the various needs of the Community Centers Stakeholders. The project team worked closely with the architect, acoustic consultants & access consultants to ensure that specific design requirements for these spaces were met. 

With careful planning and sub-contractor management, the vast number of bathroom wet areas were completed ahead of program and to the client’s satisfaction. Extensive upgrades to the services throughout the building were completed by our preferred local contractors. Throughout the project Secure Building Solutions prioritized quality craftsmanship, attention to detail & adherence to safety standards. 

Secure Building Solutions’ expertise and commitment to client satisfaction were instrumental in the successful execution of the project. By delivering high-quality construction solutions tailored to the specific requirements of Penrith City Council, the company demonstrated its dedication to efficiently creating spaces through effective management of consultants, contractors & the client. Again the ongoing communication and transparent attitude of the project team added value to the project and provided the client with cost saving solutions without compromise to the intended design.

Penrith City Council
Project Value
Completed February 2023

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