St Patricks College Campbelltown – Stage 1 & 2

Structural alterations of the existing schools’ facilities were completed in this project to transform existing buildings into function and versatile spaces for the TAS students of St Patrick’s.

The project aimed to create additional GLA’s food tech rooms, woodwork workshops & break out spaces, catering to the evolving needs of the educational facility.

The additional food tech rooms, tech rooms & woodwork workshops were built during the school term meaning that careful planning and coordination of sub-contractors works, material deliveries and handling of goods without any disruption to normal school operation was an important objective of the project team.

Communication was a key strength of Secure Building Solutions. They maintained regular and transparent communication channels with the school administration, keeping them informed about the project progress, timelines and any potential disruption. This proactive approach allowed the school to plan ahead and make necessary adjustments to accommodate construction activities during the school term.

Good Samaritan Sisters
Fulton Trotter Architects
Project Value
Completed, October, 2020.

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